Guest Accessibility

Special Seating

There will be a limited number of seats reserved for guests with accessibility needs. These seats are available on a first come, first served basis. We advise all guests with a disability or mobility issue to arrive early. Doors open at 8 a.m.

We will have two sections in the venue reserved. In the stands, section 203 will be reserved, in addition to the traditional accessible seating already built into the venue on the concourse. The stands will offer some shade and is close to accessible restrooms. This section can be accessed by an elevator close to the Gate 1 entrance. Guests can either take the shuttle or be dropped off in Lot L to minimize the walking distance to these seats.

On the field, section F will be reserved. This section is located on the east 20 yard line closest to the visitor side. It can be accessed by entering through Gate 3 or from Lot L there is direct access to the field. There will be some walking involved to get to this section. The closest accessible restrooms are located by Gate 3.

Parking/Shuttle Services

Please note, there is limited parking close to Marv Kay Stadium. A limited number of parking spaces will be reserved in Lot K on a first come, first served basis. As an alternative, guests can be picked up and dropped off in Lot L. From there, they can either walk to seats on the football field, or take the elevator up to seats in the stadium. There will also be shuttle buses available that will pick up in areas around campus and drop off in front of the Gate 1 entrance to the stadium on 12th St.

Please review the parking map for parking information on campus.

A shuttle bus map will be uploaded in early April. Please check back for updates.


The Colorado School of Mines will not have wheelchairs available to rent. If you have a guest who is unable to walk at least 50 yards without assistance, we highly recommend renting a wheelchair for the day. The shuttle buses and passenger pick up/drop off area in Lot L offer the least amount of walking for guests.